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Why I started coding

Last updated on: Sunday, December 19, 2021

Back when I was a wee little child I always had a fascination with computers and I knew that for the future I was going to work with computers one way or another.

I would like to attribute this young love for computers to video games since I always loved playing video games, which I mean, who did not love playing video games as a kid? During these times when I just played video games I always had a thought in the back of my head, "how in the world do people make these things" and so I did what every young kid with a thirst for knowledge does, go on youtube and type in how to program. After which, I promptly quit and gave up after about one day because it was kinda hard and long.

Fast forward several or so years in the future, in high school I had a sudden surge to learn programming again out of nowhere and I could not explain to you why it happened. During this time I bought two books off of Amazon on how to program in C++ and started reading, while also simultaneously using the website to enforce what I learned and learn other things on the side. I was able to go on with this system that I have for around three months before I eventually just stopped reading the book and coding, in general, one day out of nowhere and never went back to it. Looking back on this, I do kind of regret stopping because I did believe I was becoming better, I only had to keep going.

At the end of high school, I decided to apply for a coding boot camp to which I was able to get in and proceeded to do for the next three whole months of my life. During these three months, I did learn a lot and it sure did help to also be surrounded by like-minded people who all had the same goal of learning how to program and eventually make it a career. I was probably never more focused on one thing in my life ever because these coding boot camps are an arduous and taxing endeavor if someone is interested in doing it. The boot camp did accomplish the one thing that I wanted from it though, which was a streamlined course of tailored tutorials, videos, and projects that were aimed at maximizing my learning given the limited amount of time that we all had. I did not regret my experience during this time and it greatly benefited me during my college experience with Computer Science.

After my time at the coding boot camp, I proceeded to start my college career pursuing a degree in Computer Science to which I hopefully aim to finish in the next six months (Spring 2022). My initial computer science classes aimed to teach all of the students basic concepts in computer science in general and also programming but due to my experience doing a coding boot camp I was able to breeze through these intro classes without a lot of trouble if any trouble. I was able to breeze through all the assignments, projects, and tests in most of my computer science classes and I thought to myself at this moment, "I am glad that I went through a coding boot camp before I did this" because I did notice that a lot of students were struggling to try to grasp basic programming concepts. I did understand their struggle though because I went through the same thing when I was first learning to program. I saw several students give up and decide to switch majors to which I understand because computer science and programming, in general, is not for everyone and that the amount of work that a person would have to put into learning outside of class may not be the type of career that they may want in the future.

Nearing the end of my college career, I do hope that the future is bright and that I eagerly look forwards to what may happen in the next several years of my life.

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